Secret Files 3

Secret Files 3

More puzzles and conspiracies for Nina and Max


  • Better than its prequels
  • Improved graphics and story telling
  • Less illogical puzzles


  • Hint system not great
  • Lacks character
  • Story is generic

Not bad

Secret Files 3 is a point and click game that continues the adventures of Nina and boyfriend Max. Secret Files 3 has better, cinematic story telling that makes it more compelling than ever.

Secret Files 3 is still sticks to essential point and click gameplay. Aside from the improved graphics, you could have played the game any time in the last 15 years. That's maybe not a bad thing, as it gives Secret Files 3 a slower pace that many people will enjoy.

The story line is more global historical conspiracies, but it's told in a more engaging way this time round. Secret Files 3 may not have the most memorable story ever, but while you are playing, you'll want to know what happens next. The game mixes dark conspiracies with plenty of light humor from the protagonists, which makes a nice change from adventures where everyone takes themselves very seriously.

A criticism of the earlier games was that some of the puzzles seemed totally illogical. In Secret Files 3, this has been improved, but there are some where it seems trial and error is the only way to find a solution. The help feature only offers you very general guidance, so if you're stuck, you're stuck.

Secret Files 3 isn't an amazing game, but it's a solid point and click adventure. Fans of the series and the genre will enjoy it, but Secret Files 3 lacks the charm of games like Broken Sword or Monkey Island that allowed them to go mainstream.

Secret Files 3


Secret Files 3

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